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Re-imagining Migration's?mission?is to advance the education and well-being of immigrant-origin youth, decrease bias and hatred against young people of diverse origins, and help rising generations develop the critical understanding and empathy necessary to build and sustain welcoming and inclusive communities.

We live in an era of mass migration. Young people – whether they are part of an arriving or receiving culture – strive to form their identities as learners, community members and change-makers in the context of this global phenomenon. At Re-imagining Migration, we are catalyzing a community of educational leaders and social organizations around making migration a part of their curriculum and culture so that all students can feel supported in their social, emotional, academic, and civic growth. Join us in this important work.

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Anti-Chinese Racism: How Coronavirus Racism Infected My High School
What can you do when hate spreads in your community? This lesson builds off the four-minute New York Times Op-Doc narrated by Katherine Oung, an 11th...
Analyzing Anti-Immigrant Attitudes in Political Cartoons
During periods of mass migration, newcomers have often been met with skepticism and distrust. This lesson uses anti-immigrant political cartoons that...
Quincea?eras at the Capitol
Common Core
Too often young people feel civically disempowered, unable to make a difference. This lesson addresses this challenge while reinforcing the habits...
Immigration and Identity: Connecting Past and Present with the Bintel Brief
  • Multiple Subjects
  • MS, HS
Common Core
This lesson uses primary sources, letters from the Jewish Daily Forward's early 20th-century advice column called the Bintel Brief, to explore...
A Culturally Responsive Teaching Checklist
  • Multiple Subjects
  • K-2, 3-5, MS, HS, PD
Check out this handout to help learn methods of culturally responsive teaching! While many educators understand the value of creating a culturally...
The Bintel Brief: Letters from Jewish Life on New York's Lower East Side
  • Multiple Subjects
  • High School
This short documentary-style video provides a succinct introduction to the history of Jewish immigration to the United States in the late 19th and...
Five Essential Resources from Re-Imagining Migration
  • Multiple Subjects
  • MS, HS
Migration has been part and parcel of the human experience, and while it ebbs and flows, it is ubiquitous. As we have seen throughout history, in...
Save the Children: American Attitudes Toward Refugees and the Wagner-Rogers Act
Common Core
What were American attitudes toward accepting child refugees who were fleeing Nazi terror in the 1930s? What role did the Wagner-Rogers Bill (1939)...
Voices of Migration: Using Testimony to Develop Empathy and Civic Action
  • Multiple Subjects
  • MS, HS
Join Adam Strom, Director of Re-Imagining Migration and Lesly Culp, Head of Programs at the USC Shoah Foundation--The Institute for Digital History...
12 Ways to Support Students in Uncertain TImes
  • Classroom Management
  • Professional Development
This list of suggestions was developed by Re-imagining Migration and Dr. Maryam Kia-Keating from the University of California, Santa Barbara