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Amber Chandler is a National Board Certified middle school ELA teacher in Hamburg, New York with a Master’s Degree in Literature, as well as a School Building Leader certification. She is the 2018 Association for Middle Level Educators’ “Educator of the Year.”?

Amber has enjoyed a wide variety of teaching opportunities--from 6th grade remediation, to college courses, to education workshops on Differentiation, Danielson’s Domains, and Project Based Learning. No matter which level Amber is teaching, the goal is always the same: engage students to take charge of their own learning.

Amber’s blogs and articles have appeared in Middleweb, ShareMyLesson, Getting Smart, ASCD’s “Ideas From the Field,” Mom’s Rising, The EdVocate, AMLE magazine, as well as New York Teacher. She has served as a co-moderator for #WhatIsSchool education chat, as well as initiating the first #NYEdVoice Twitter chat as a New York Educator’s Voice Fellow. Amber has appeared as a guest on BAM! Radio Network to discuss the benefits of Project Based Learning, as well as webcasts for AMLE on the importance of teaching speaking and listening skills, and how to use artifacts to improve teacher evaluation in APPRs.

Amber was chosen from a nationwide search as one of a handful of panelist for Fordham’s “Evaluating the Content and Quality of Next Generation Assessments” to evaluate how state assessments compare in their ability to assess Common Core Standards. She’s also served as a School Review Team member, offering her observations and expertise, particularly in the area of Project Based Learning.

Amber is an active AFT member as a ShareMyLesson Ambassador and participant in the Resource and Materials Development at the Summer Educators Academy. Amber also is a featured contributor for the AFT blog, “Classroom Voices.” She serves as the President?for her local, Frontier Central Teachers Association.

To learn more about her work, check out Amber Chandler's?website here.

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Lesson Plan Template
  • English Language Arts
  • Middle School
This lesson plan template helps teachers organize thorough and complete lessons. It includes sections on modifications, differentiation, and a Bloom'...
Using the movie A Wrinkle in Time as a portal to the text, A Wrinkle in Time
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  • MS, HS
New York DOE
This choice board, and subsequent links to other resources, provides a means to entice screen savvy students into some seriously engaging tasks that...
Tips for Success: Creating Classroom Communities
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  • 3-5, MS, HS, PD
Join Amber Chandler and Share My Lesson for this webinar on building a classroom community. They will weigh the answers to have you ever had the...
Writing Bootcamp #1: Extended free write
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  • Middle School
Common Core
This is one of several in a series of exercises (mostly "Do Now" activities) I use with my students to engage them in writing. To find the rest,...
Icebreaker and Impromptu Speaking Topics
  • English Language Arts
  • Middle School
I use these at the beginning of the year to begin teaching students about public speaking. I continue to use them as "filler" for those last few...
Credo Assignment
Amber Chandler 
1 Comment
  • Multiple Subjects
  • Middle School
This is a lesson featured in my upcoming book, Social Emotional Learning in a Flexible Classroom. It is in the chapter about responsible decision...
One Word Assignment
Amber Chandler 
This is an activity that can be used as an opener to the school year or in January. It is a good reflective activity as well. Students choose one...
SEL Matters: SEL in A Squiggle
SEL in A Squiggle Directions: 1) Distribute a "squiggle" to each student. 2) Distribute the same materials to each student (pencil and crayons,...
The Giver pre-reading activity
  • Key Ideas and Details
  • Middle School
This activity asks groups of students to compare and contrast types of governments, economies, and families. The students will have guided...
Commas with Appositives
  • Language
  • Middle School
Common Core
Basic handout concerning commas with appositives and appositive practice.