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The ABA Division for Public Education provides reliable information about law and legal issues, including resources and programs for educators and students, to advance public understanding of law and its role in society.

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ABA Legal Fact Check
Through our ABA Legal Fact Check, the American Bar Association will use case and statutory law and other legal precedents to separate legal fact from...
Demystifying the Electoral College
  • Elections
  • High School
This resource will offer great insight and knowledge to the Electoral College. Read further to get answers to specific questions.
Presidential Elections
What are the requirements to be the President of the United States? How are they selected? Get the answers to these questions and more in this...
The Insurrection Act Today with William Banks and Harvey Rishikof - Episode 127
This resource offers insight from experts on the Insurrection Act, along with a podcast discussion with William Banks and Harvey Rishikof. The...
U.S. v. Lyon, U.S. v. Cooper, and U.S. v. Callender: The Sedition Act Trials
The rise of political parties and the threat of war raise questions about the rights of free speech and a free press.
critical race theory blog header justice
What Is Critical Race Theory? In September 2020, President Trump issued an executive order excluding from federal contracts any diversity and...